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Megalopolis From Boston to Washington

Megalopolis From Boston to Washington French geographer Jean Gottmann (1915-1994) studied the northeastern United States during the 1950s and published a book in 1961 that described the region as a vast metropolitan area over 500 miles long stretching from Boston in the north to Washington, D.C. in the south. This area (and the title of Gottmanns book) is Megalopolis. The term Megalopolis is derived from Greek and means very large city. A group of Ancient Greeks actually planned to construct a huge city on the Peloponnese Peninsula. Their plan didnt work out but the small city of Megalopolis was constructed and exists to this day. BosWash Gottmanns Megalopolis (sometimes referred to as BosWash for the northern and southern tips of the area) is a very large functional urban region that provides the whole of America with so many essential services, of the sort a community used to obtain in its downtown section, that it may well deserve the nickname of Main Street of the nation. (Gottmann, 8) The Megalopolitan area of BosWash is a governmental center, banking center, media center, academic center, and until recently, the biggest immigration center (a position usurped by Los Angeles in recent years). Acknowledging that while, a good deal of the land in the twilight areas between the cities remains green, either still farmed or wooded, matters little to the continuity of Megalopolis, (Gottmann, 42) Gottmann expressed that it was the economic activity and the transportation, commuting, and communication linkages within Megalopolis that mattered most. Megalopolis has actually been developing over hundreds of years. It initially began as the colonial settlements on the Atlantic seaboard coalesced into villages, cities, and urban areas. Communication between Boston and Washington and the cities in between has always been extensive and transportation routes within Megalopolis are dense and have been in existence for several centuries. Census Data When Gottmann researched Megalopolis in the 1950s, he utilized U.S. Census data from the 1950 Census. The 1950 Census defined many Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in Megalopolis and, in fact, MSAs formed an unbroken entity from southern New Hampshire to northern Virginia. Since the 1950 Census, the Census Bureaus designation of individual counties as metropolitan has expanded as has the population of the region. In 1950, Megalopolis had a population of 32 million, today the metropolitan area includes more than 44 million people, approximately 16% of the entire U.S. population. Four of the seven largest CMSAs (Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas) in the U.S. are part of Megalopolis and are responsible for over 38 million of Megalopolis population (the four are New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, Washington-Baltimore, Philadelphia-Wilmington-Atlantic City, and Boston-Worcester-Lawrence). Gottmann was optimistic about the fate of Megalopolis and felt that it could work well, not only as a vast urban area but also as the distinct cities and communities that were parts of the whole. Gottmann recommended that We must abandon the idea of the city as a tightly settled and organized unit in which people, activities, and riches are crowded into a very small area clearly separated from its nonurban surroundings. Every city in this region spreads out far and wide around its original nucleus; it grows amidst an irregularly colloidal mixture of rural and suburban landscapes; it melts on broad fronts with other mixtures, of somewhat similar though different texture, belonging to the suburban neighborhoods of other cities. (Gottmann, 5) And There's More! Furthermore, Gottmann also introduced two developing Megalopoli in the United States - from Chicago and the Great Lakes to Pittsburgh and the Ohio River (ChiPitts) and the California coast from the San Francisco Bay area to San Diego (SanSan). Many urban geographers have studied the concept of Megalopolis in the United States and have applied it internationally. The Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka Megalopolis in an excellent example of urban coalescence in Japan. The term Megalopolis has even come to define something much more broadly found than just the northeastern United States. The Oxford Dictionary of Geography defines the term as any many-centered, multi-city, urban area of more than 10 million inhabitants, generally dominated by low-density settlement and complex networks of economic specialization. Source: Gottmann, Jean. Megalopolis: The Urbanized Northeastern Seaboard of the United States. New York: The Twentieth Century Fund, 1961.

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Disscusion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Disscusion - Essay Example Moreover, today cooking is not reserved for women only; all family members participate and enjoy doing the activity when it comes to special occasions. One flaw in the picture that I notice is that none of the family members except the grandfather is looking at the grandmother or the turkey. Everybody is looking at one another as if there are things more important elsewhere around rather than grandmother or the turkey; which I think is not fine because the grandmother does deserve immense appreciation and honor for doing the family this service. The best part of the picture is the grandfather who has indeed stood up to express his thanks to the grandmother. This was a very wonderful exercise that let me think critically for a while and both appreciate and criticize the various elements of the picture. I liked the concept as a whole. I must say that the picture has preserved the norms and values of the old American family. The concept of family is so integral and fundamental to the cultivation of norms and values in the society that I am amazed how, as a society, could we compromise upon the sustenance of family the way it appears in the picture! Our attempt to be modern has deprived us of the blessings we had in the past including the togetherness, the union, the love and affection among the family members, and most importantly the mesmerizing smell of roasted turkey wafting through the home on Christmas. Even the hairstyles looked so decent and elegant; it seemed like everybody has applied a little oil in the hair to manage that better. Women looked so elegant with hair tied up in a bun. These days, people have gone wild in the name o f fashion. Hairs have gone pink and blue and spiky. I wish at least one of the family members in addition to the grandfather was looking at the turkey or the

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Easy Topics to Write a Proposal Essay About

Easy Topics to Write a Proposal Essay AboutIt's easy to get yourself into trouble if you're new to the world of writing proposal essays because there are so many easy topics to write a proposal essay about. It can be frustrating when you don't have any ideas at all because there are so many topics to choose from.A nice way to start is to narrow your choices down and think about the topic you have at the moment. The good news is that you don't have to tackle the hard subject matter; in fact, you don't even have to write about something, just give some information on the topic.A great first topic to write a proposal essay about would be a football game, because you will be able to give a football focus for the essay. Just keep in mind that this may not be the best choice for everyone; you could try something else instead. For example, a favorite hobby of yours could be an alternative topic, or even something that you've done in the past.For example, a student loan. Maybe if you worked in a grocery store or something similar, you could discuss the benefits of a job at a grocery store in general. There are so many topics to choose from, so choose one that will work for you!In fact, there are very few hard subjects to write a proposal essay about; maybe the topic you most want to write about is your favorite movie star. You can use your favorite celebrity's name as a way to illustrate the positive aspects of using a celebrity name as your last name. Then include a paragraph of flattering information about the celebrity you have chosen as your topic.So once you find the topic you want to write about, you have to decide what type of information you're going to put in the article. That's the hard part, because there are so many different types of essay topics, but you can always search for an online resource to help you. After choosing a topic, you will need to focus on a plan to write it, whether you have a deadline, or whether you want to write on a certain topic ind efinitely.Once you decide what to write about, then you'll just need to brainstorm a lot, and write the article in order to write a proposal essay about that topic. It's very simple, and you can finish it in a few days.

Monty Python Grail Video Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Monty Python Grail Video - Essay Example The Monty Python Grail Government video casts an interesting light on several of the topics we have discussed in this class. Two of the most prominent is relativism and the role of religion in government. Relativism, in general, is the idea that there is no one objective truth, but that everything is relative to the speaker’s viewpoint. In other words, our perceptions of what goes on around us make us see things differently to how others perceive them. This is seen in the video through the way King Arthur and the peasant interpret things so differently, from his right to rule down to how people should be treated. They also clearly have different ideas about what Arthur is doing on his quest. The role of religion in government has a lot to do with relativism. Although some would consider this role to be vital, and the only way for a government to be legitimate, others would not. In the video, for example, King Arthur explains how he became king by getting Excalibur from the lady of the lake, and how this makes him the true king of the country. The peasants, on the other hand, think this is ridiculous. Although the lady of the lake is not religious as such, she makes a good example of the arguments against religious rule. For instance, the male peasant talks about how, instead of â€Å"farcical aquatic ceremonies,† the real right to power should come from the people of a country. This would suggest that the only way to be really a legitimate ruler or government would not be religious, but popular support.

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Why Almost Everything Youve Learned About Research Paper Topics about Hamlet Is Wrong and What You Should Know

Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Research Paper Topics about Hamlet Is Wrong and What You Should Know The Fundamentals of Research Paper Topics about Hamlet Revealed Explain briefly the key points you intend to cover in your paper and why readers ought to be interested in your topic. You may still be unique even if someone else has an identical topic. If you presently have a topic in mind but aren't quite sure about any of this, you're able to alternatively locate an intriguing method to approach it. Even if a particular research paper topic is getting plenty of buzz at the moment or other folks seem interested in writing about it, don't feel tempted to make it your topic if you don't genuinely have some type of interest in it also. There are a few qualities that companies should have so they can offer excellent example essay papers. Also on our site you may come across prepered essays which are for sale. Our custom writing company stipulates the finest and the mos t trustworthy example essay papers online. A wonderful research paper help company has a superb reputation for providing its customers with good excellent research paper example help for cheap. If you should write only 1 paper at the conclusion of the period, you can breathe out since you are blessed. Writing a research paper without an outline is similar to driving a car without knowing where you're going you can't where you will receive the next moment. Paper topic is going to be the Initial and likely one of the most necessary step to take in on the process to success. As it's such a huge subject, you're going to want to narrow your paper down to a particular angle. Up in Arms About Research Paper Topics about Hamlet? So, you've realized that you're prepared to compose your research paper. Writing a research paper requires a lot of time, therefore it is crucial to pick a research paper topic you will really delight in working with. Obviously, picking a research topic is simply the startwriting a prosperous research paper is hard. For this reason, you may need to look for good topics for high school research papers on the internet. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Research Paper Topics about Hamlet You must compose a fantastic research paper, and the topic you've chosen must be fully developed. Choosing one of our suggested topics will allow you to start writing a thriving research paper. Choosing good informative essay topics is simple if you understand how to go about doing it. Following are a few of the suggested sociology essay topic for those students that are unable to decide on a great topic for their assignment. The essay isn't as scary as it appears. Know how your essay is going to be evaluated. To begin with, you should comprehend what distinguishes informative essays from some other varieties of academic papers. The Hidden Secret of Research Paper Topics about Hamlet Don't neglect to get a Kibin editor review your final paper to ensure it's on the right path. Before you commence writing a single word of your paper, you first will need to understand what your thesis will be. Hamlet's story is among the most renowned plays in world drama. In lots of ways, Hamlet is a very simple revenge tale. Hamlet is a huge work of literature since it's complex. Hamlet grows up in the class of the play. Ok, I Think I Understand Research Paper Topics about Hamlet, Now Tell Me About Research Paper Topics about Hamlet! Your attitude to the topic may well decide on the amount of work and enthusiasm that you put into your research. You must get what things to write about so that you can understand how to channel your researching focus and also continue being relevant to the requirements and expectations of your audience. Bear in mind that changing components of your work in the practice of writing and reviewing is normal. You should be proficient in the topic, have an overall idea about the chosen issue and can get the best arguments to show your thesis. The True Meaning of Research Paper Topics about Hamlet When you're assigned a Hamlet essay, you should choose a topic which you find interesting. Writing a Hamlet essay may look to be an uphill undertaking. In summary, dependent on the arguments above, it can't be doubted that Hamlet's madness is feigned. Hamlet is regarded among Shakespeare's finest works, but it's also one of the most difficult and complex.

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What You Dont Know About Mee July 2017 Essay Topics Could Be Costing to More Than You Think

What You Don't Know About Mee July 2017 Essay Topics Could Be Costing to More Than You Think Mee July 2017 Essay Topics Explained The reader ought to take the author's side by the close of the reading. If you can begin a course or an extremely intriguing adventure for you. So refer friends and family if you would like to get the prizes to secure better. It's actually rollicking great fun. You may also view our calendars on a month-to-month template. Calendars play a substantial part in our day-to-day life. You may also download and print calendars at no cost. The 2020 annual calendar was created in 4 unique templates for you. The Do's and Don'ts of Mee July 2017 Essay Topics As a result of overgrowing population on the planet, human demands for land and a number of other all-natural resources to serve daily and production activities rise accordingly. Honestly, both of these words are one reason which make females to be regarded as nothing in the majority of African nat ions. The individual grading your paper will most likely appreciate how you deviated from the norm. The eagerness to acquire information out quickly caused the spreading of myths and misinformation. Ok, I Think I Understand Mee July 2017 Essay Topics, Now Tell Me About Mee July 2017 Essay Topics! My family and a few of my pals believe that manner. In a calendar year, your buddies, relatives, and colleagues will begin asking you about your exercise routine. A lactose-allergic person has the ability to grab a pre-dinner snack and after that go to sleep. Thus don't attempt to fix yourself with another person for the time being. This paragraph is quite important as it leaves the reader having the most immediate impression. Read the very first and last paragraphs of each essay before beginning. From time to time, the POINT sentence comes at the conclusion of the paragraph. If you're feeling unsure of what you wrote for any of the essays you aren't alone! It's especially frustrating if you haven't any idea how to compose an effective persuasive essay. Writing an informative essay is just one of many assignments that you should tackle. In addition, a thesis doesn't need to be one sentence. To put it differently, reviewing past MEE questions and answers is among the most effective ways to get ready for the MEE. To the contrary, you might not have been extended a particular topic in any respect. When you are requested to opt for a great topic for your argument, start with something you're familiarized with. Selecting an emotional topic is also a great idea. Mee July 2017 Essay Topics Your very best possibility of passing depends on your capacity to discover the study methods that work for you, make your plan and stick with it. One of the greatest approaches to change anybody's mind is with an emotional investment. Poor and very low income peopl e aren't your enemies. It's a great time to learn generally and energise through what other folks are speaking and feeling because sometimes whenever there is so much inner rise and possibility, we need to take ourselves away on a tangent to learn more about something else completely. The Examiners' Analyses is intended to aid applicants in reviewing questions by giving detailed references to the relevant essentials of law. Our nationally renowned bar review course has a couple of features we'd love to have a moment to brag about. The program is intended to enhance exam performance throughout the board. By means of this process, students will make discoveries, which will aid them within their own writing. The Foolproof Mee July 2017 Essay Topics Strategy An argumentative paper is part of the persuasion. You don't need to have five paragraphs and three points every moment. Your complete UBE score shall be expressed to the closest whole number. There's no passing score on e ach part alone. The Ultimate Mee July 2017 Essay Topics Trick Taking the opportunity to understand how it is possible to do your role in saving water can greatly aid in improving the general quality of life, and help save Earth. Conserving water, and helping maintain a healthful and secure environment shouldn't be optional. Active Lifestyle Sedentary office jobs and internet markets have placed a high quantity of risk to our physique. Many students think that it is a waste of time. Not having the ability to retain top level talent is a terrible sign. How you're feeling about your performance doesn't indicate whether you passed. The previous step in the procedure is for students to have a very good close look at their very own work and the work of their peers. For the reason it's a terrific time to study.

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The Non - Importance of Money Essay Example for Free

The Non Importance of Money Essay Money cant buy happiness How many of you have heard of this quote? How many of you agree with this? Don’t answer, this quote is one of most well-known that I know of. How many of you agree with this? Tell me now, would you be happy, if you had all the money you wanted, but no family? Would you still be happy if you lived in a war-torn country, but had all the money in the world? Would you be happy, if you had all the money in the world, but no friends? No, I doubt you would. I mean just the other day, I was with a friend during the job assembly and the speaker was talking about the money that you earned for a certain job, now my friend and I were having a deep conversation and then she said that she wanted more. More, then it dawned on me that she meant more as in More money. I guess having more money would sounds fun and interesting but is it really worth it. I mean just imagine sitting down on a bed with tv, your favourite pack of chips and just watching movies, all day everyday. Its sounds fun but seriously I mean what would you do with all that money. Buy clothes, get a new car, get a mansion. Yeah, yeah ou can get that but what use is it if you don’t spend it with someone like for example a friend, or  Psychologists, philosophers and ordinary folks have debated this question for years. In the last decade, the field of psychology took a dramatic turn from only looking at mental illness, to exploring what makes people feel fulfilled, engaged and happy. This Positive Psychology Movement has produced an expansive amount of researchers who are looking at things such as happiness, positive emotions, optimism and healthy character traits. At some point, every one of these top researchers explored the effects of money on happiness and positive emotions. What we are finding out is that happiness is the ultimate currency. Not only do happy people enjoy life more and have more fun, but they also practice positive lifestyle habits and have stronger immune systems. When faced with illness, happier and more optimistic individuals have been shown to be more proactive in their medical care, more compliant with treatment and medication, have quicker recoveries and show better health outcomes. So, if  we want to be healthier and happier, it’s worth figuring out where money comes into play. When we talk about happiness, we need to look at it from two separate aspectslife satisfaction as a whole vs. moment-to-moment moods. I can be satisfied with my overall life, yet still have moments when I am not happy. Vice versa, some folks can be dissatisfied with their current circumstances and wish for change, but still have many moments of joy throughout the day. Interestingly, money affects our feelings about both aspects of happiness. Income is often thought to be a good measure of happiness and well-being. However, when researched, it was found to be less significant than predicted. Although individuals with higher income levels report overall satisfaction with their lives, they often enjoy themselves less on a daily basis and experience greater moments of stress than those with lower incomes. When does income make a significant difference in our level of happiness? If we struggle to afford good housing, food, or education, both life satisfaction and mood plummets. Edward Diener, a premier researcher in the field of Positive Psychology, found that once a persons basic needs are met, additional income does little to raise his or her sense of satisfaction with life. Many other cross-cultural and longitudinal studies have also shown a very low correlation between material wealth and happiness, except in cases of extreme poverty where people were deprived of basic needs. So, how much income is needed to be comfortable and meet our basic needs? A study from Princeton Universityfound that a larger paycheck does lead to a happier life—but only to a certain point. According to the study, people who earned greater than $75,000 annually had no greater happiness. Does this mean we should all be happy when we reach an income of $75,000 and not strive to make more than that? Does it mean that money doesn’t afford many pleasures and gratifying experiences that are not available to those of lesser means? Absolutely not. What really affects our happiness more than how much we make is our attitude toward money and the way that we handle it. When we hold fast to the belief that money directly determines happiness, life becomes a constant pursuit of accumulating more. So, when is enough, enough? Martin Seligman, father of the Positive Psychology Movement and author of Authentic Happiness, states: Another barrier to raising your level of happiness is the hedontic treadmill, which causes you to rapidly and inevitably adapt to good things by taking them for granted. As you accumulate more material possessions and accomplishments, your expectations rise. The deeds and things you worked so hard for no longer make you happy; you need to get something even better to boost your level of happiness. Sonja Lyubomisrsky, author of The How of Happiness, concurs: having money raises our aspirations about the happiness that we expect in our daily lives, and these raised aspirations can be toxic. Unfortunately, raised aspirations don’t only lead us to take things for granted and impair our savoring abilities. They steer us to consume too much, tax the planets resources, overspend and under save, go into debt, gamble, live beyond our means, and purchase mortgages that we can’t afford.On one hand, we can interpret the above by concurring with the age-old expression, Money is the route of all evil. On the other hand, there are plenty who agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment, Anyone who says money can’t buy happiness hasn’t experienced having enough to do so. So how can you develop the right attitude toward money and keep it in a healthy place in relation to your happiness level? Here are some tips: Cover Your Needs If you are struggling to meet your basic needs, do all that you can to foster a more secure future. Get the help of professionals, whether it’s with career planning, financial planning or government assistance. There are many no-fee or low-fee agencies who can offer you guidance. Save for the Future Determine the amount of savings that would allow you to feel a sense of security toward handling emergencies and your future. Develop a savings plan that works for you, and be consistent. Foster Connections Focus on building stronger relationships with your loved ones. Research has shown the happiest individuals have the strongest commitment and connection to family and friends. Money doesnt guarantee happiness, but good relationships most certainly do! Dont Make Comparisons Savor the pleasures of your spending without comparing yourself to others. Comparison almost always leads to feelings of inadequacy, and often for no good reason. Bask in the joy of your new car without coveting your neighbor’s more expensive one. Appreciate your long weekend vacation instead of wishing for an around-the-world cruise. Create Experiences and Accumulate Memories Spend your energy on having experiences that will make memories instead of having stuff. Many of lifes greatest pleasures cost very little money—and can even be free! Socializing, spending time in nature, embarking on work and/or hobbies that are meaningful, volunteering, and listening to music are some of the many activities that people report bring them the greatest joy. Additionally, here are some examples of experiences that are generally worth spending money on due to the enhancements they can bring to your life: Experiences that help us to grow and develop as individuals, such as education, lessons and entrepreneurial pursuits. Small pleasures, such as a massage or a private Pilates lesson, rather than an extravagant purchase. Gifts for others, rather than for ourselves. Donations to charities that have a personal connection to us. Purchases that have been worked and saved for. Do I think that money can buy me happiness? No, but it can sure bring enjoyment to my world. I will continue to believe that my happiness is not dependent on money. Although important, if I had to make do with less, I could simplify my life, and I would still be happy. I am surrounded by family and friends I love and enjoy, and do work I find amazingly meaningful, purposeful and rewarding. I will continue to work hard and enjoy the fruits of my labor, and hopefully never, ever take all that I have for granted. I hope you will do the same.