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Global Health Policy Efforts Is The Right Of All Humans On...

Global Health Policy Efforts The right of all humans on the planet is to have access to health, education, and environmental sustainability. In September of 2000, world leaders adopted the United Nations Millennium Declaration, which committed world leaders to eight millennium development goals that address poverty, hunger, disease, and lack of adequate shelter (Millennium Project, 2006). Centers around the world focus on global development in alignment with the Millennium Goals by improving health and healthcare in communities internationally through policy efforts, research, partnerships and collaborations. Center for Strategic International Studies The global health policy center is a leading policy research institution that falls under the umbrella of the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS). The center works with diverse stakeholders to make United States (U.S.) global health efforts more integrated and strategic by working directly with policymakers, collaborating with developing country experts and disease focused working groups. Their organizational structure consists of the following members: †¢ Thomas J. Pritzker, Chairman of Board of Trustees (since 2015) †¢ John Habre, President and CEO (since 2000) †¢ Board of Trustees †¢ Counselors †¢ Associate Staff CSIS is one of the most distinguished policy institutions in the globe and houses over 100 world-renowned experts located in Washington, DC. CCIS also maintains a network of non-residentShow MoreRelatedThe Warming Of The Arctic Antarctic And Greenland Ice Sheets Have Lost 5.5 Trillion Tons Of Ice1262 Words   |  6 Pagesearlier? If so, you’re not the only one. The Earth’s climate is constantly changing, and unfortunately it’s not for the better. Our planet that everybody calls home has a complex environment engulfed with diversity. These complexities also differ among location, which result in warm and cold regions. The regions also shift temperatures according to the location of our planet orbiting our sun. There is definitely an overall trend around the world that our climate is increasing in temperature. Even if it’sRead MoreFood Security Is A Basic Right Of Man And An Essential Condition For A Populace1606 Words   |  7 PagesFood is considered a basic right of man and an essential condition for a populace to be better nourished and healthy. According to Calhoun (2013), food security has become acknowledged as a significant health issue of the public. For instance in Canada, it is a social health determinant. Nonetheless, food security has not been realized by all society members. Food insecurity is experienced when frequent access to food that is nutritionally sufficient and safe is limited or indeterminate. In CanadaRead MoreThe Coca Cola Company s Corporate Responsibility Regarding People, Planet, And Profit1162 Words   |  5 Pagesrelation to society about justice, rights, as well as how their dealings affect human welfare. As a result, corporate actions and policies associated with corporate social responsibility represent crucial information sources that influence one’s judgments of corporate morality. Additionally, if a company fails to comply with the law or ethical standards of conduct attract negative publ icity rather than positive discretionary activities, for example, community-outreach efforts and philanthropy. This paperRead MoreCompanys Csr Sustainability Program1485 Words   |  6 Pagesneed for protection of intellectual property rights and improvement of public health lead the pharmaceutical industry to establish an agreement in 2001 with the World Trade Organization. In Sanofi’s earliest archived sustainability effort, Environmental Progress Report 2001, it states that Sanofi has taken initiatives to promote sustainable development as a reaction to the rise of wider and on going responsibilities. They have pursued these defensive efforts through promoting safety in the workplaceRead MoreThe Warming And Its Effect On Human Health1367 Words   |  6 Pagespolitics in the twenty-first century. Scientists agree: the planet is warming and something must be done. There is a consensus among the scientific community, with 97% of experts agreeing that humans are causing glo bal warming. For comparison’s sake, â€Å"scientists are as certain that humans are responsible for most recent climate change as they are that cigarettes are harmful to human health† (Romm 9). Despite this scientific certainty, many humans are still skeptical about climate change. Even more areRead MoreEssay about The Fastest Growing Problem in the World: Overpopulation630 Words   |  3 Pagesgrowing problems facing our human civilization. This serious condition is growing every year, every minute, and every second. It’s the root of most, if not all, of the world’s problems. Our planet now provides around 5.8 billion people, projected to be around 10 billion by the year 2050. One very serious effect of the population explosion is its devastating effects on the global environment. Increasing amounts of food, energy, and shelter are required to fulfill the needs of human society. Much of ourRead MoreHuman Capital And Services At Georgia College908 Words   |  4 Pagesmold and strengthen the planet we inhabit. In addition, globalization stems from the idea of exchanging goods and services across vast networks, and nursing interconnects with this phenomenon by exchanging human capital and services to the world at large. I have chosen this topic because nursing is what I am majoring in at Georgia College, and I want to discuss the ways in which nurses demonstrate their care for others as part of a larger scheme of globalization in health care. Although nurses compriseRead MoreIs Nursing A Profession?922 Words   |  4 Pagesaround us. Globalization connects with the field of nursing in that it is constantly creating different and better opportunities to mold and strengthen the planet we inhabit. In addition, globalization stems from the idea of exchanging goods and services across vast networks, and nursing interconnects with this phenomenon by exchanging hum an capital and services with the world at large. I have chosen this topic because nursing is what I am majoring in at Georgia College, and I want to discuss theRead MoreEssay Sustainable Development and Population Control1569 Words   |  7 Pagesnation with waves of third world immigrants. A Los Angles Times article decries the lack of an official United States population policy. What do these statements share in common?    The underlying theme in each of the sentences above is population control. In each case the rationale is that the earths six billion people exceed the planets carrying capacity. The planet is on the brink of a demographic catastrophe. The consumption of precious resources (land, food, water, clean air) threatensRead MoreClimate Change And Its Effects On Our Society1545 Words   |  7 Pagesthe topic of climate change. It has become a proven fact that our global ecological and weather patterns are changing in ways that occur at a much more rapid pace than natural cycles typically allow. According to a 2016 Monmouth University Poll, most Americans acknowledge, at least to some extent, that â€Å"the world’s climate is undergoing a change that is causing more extreme weather patterns and the rise of sea levels.† Since humans rely so heavily on their environment to provide a plethora of goods

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I Am An American Born Asian Male Teenager - 1900 Words

I am an American born Asian male teenager. According to the East Asian Youth, there are two kinds of Asian guys: the smart, athletic kind and the cool, lenient kind. I don’t fit under neither types and as a result, I became self-conscious of the way I act, not to also mention my overweight body. I didn’t know how to be myself while conforming to the stereotypes. That’s when I discovered Kpop, or Korean Pop Culture. I immersed myself into the music, the dramas, and even the food. I found a second home, even if it was through my computer. These korean stars were talented, funny, and most of all â€Å"cool.† They had an aura around them that I was not able to find in any American stars. Maybe it is because they were all â€Å"trained† to do so; but†¦show more content†¦To start off, I will be explaining what Kpop is, what is the â€Å"Hallyu† wave, and Local vs Global identities. My second section is the K-pop production: what idols are , how idol groups are formed so that will be like recruitment, training, the so called â€Å"death contracts,† etc. My third section will be about where K-pop differs from American pop. This will already be mentioned in the first section but this will be in depth research on such â€Å"differences,† and this section will actually require me to use a lot of YouTube videos. This section will have me using a lot of react videos where â€Å"Americans† react to Kpop or vice versa. The fourth section is the real deal: the mula. Where does the money come in from, where does the money go to, why is so much money being spent, etc. For my last section this will be where my conclusion is formed. If an average Westerner were to be asked of a successful music artist, they might think of a band like Coldplay. Having global concert tours across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, etc. Another may be Adele––who had sold over 8 million copies of her newest album ‘25.’ In short, one might expect the names of American or other Western artists to dominate the iTunes libraries and download charts in the United States. But while the American industry is certainly doing well, the Republic of Korea, a country whose population is only about 50.5 million, has managed to cultivate a vibrant and

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Why Type I Diabetes Mellitus - 2475 Words

Introduction Diabetes mellitus is a group of diseases which affect the amount of glucose in the blood. The high blood glucose levels are caused by the body not being able to produce enough insulin to meet its metabolic needs. Insulin is a hormone released from the pancreas which controls the amount of glucose in the blood. When there is too much glucose in the blood insulin will be released which will move glucose into the cells. Once in the cells the glucose is used as an energy source or it is stored as glycogen. There are two diseases which fall under diabetes mellitus which are type I and type II. In type I diabetes the body cannot produce insulin due to the destruction of the pancreatic beta cells. Type II diabetes is†¦show more content†¦Polydipsia is also caused by hyperglycemia and due to dehydration as a result of polyuria. The fatigue and weakness is thought to be caused by caused by muscle breakdown as a result of insulin deficiency. Lastly, blurred vision is caused b y the effects of hyperglycemia on the lens and the vitreous humor. The excessive amount of glucose causes swelling of the lens, which results in vision problems. Gastrointestinal symptoms include: right upper quadrant pain and autonomic neuropathy if in late stage. Right upper quadrant pain in associated with acute fatty liver disease which is one of the complications of untreated type I diabetes. It is also caused by being overweight. Lastly, autonomic neuropathy is a nerve disorder that affects involuntary body functions, including heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration and digestion. It refers to damage to the autonomic nerves, which disrupt signals between the brain and portions of the autonomic nervous system, such as the heart, blood vessels and sweat glands. This leads to abnormal performance of involuntary body functions. This symptom usually presents itself after many years of chronic prolonged hyperglycemia.

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Cyber Security 1990s Business Organisation

Question: Describe about the Cyber Security for 1990s Business Organisation. Answer: Introduction From the mid-1990s business organisation had embraced the internet (Rhodes-Ousley 2013). With the growth of e-commerce and business the question of security also arose. A classical case is the story of Egghead software company which dealt with software. Once the data of the company was stolen it could do nothing except to be sold to Amazon.com. With the growth of the internet, network security also evolved. E-business houses required that they give the required information to the customers as well as they also wanted the information about their own functioning at the same time. E-commerce industry requires that they share information about the products, they carry information about the customer and at the same time they conduct business by working with various financial institutions for the financial transactions. The customer visiting the website of a e-commerce industry requires the security of the information that he will provide while doing the business. All this requires a high level of cyber security from the e-commerce industry. Cyber security in e-business carries out four important functions: (1) it provides the e-business organisation an amount of security, (2) it enables the organisation to run the various application safely, (3) it provides a form of data security to the organisation and (4) it safeguards the technology assets of the business organisation (Whitman and Mattord 2011). According to the internet security threat report by Symantec at the close of 2015, there was a loss of 191 million data identities (Symantec.com 2016). According to Symantec the threat to a financial institution has increased to four times in a year in 2015. Literature Review By e-commerce, one does not only mention the selling and buying of products and services online, it also means the transactions between two agents of the market. These transactions are mostly monetary in nature. This attribute requires a security system as money is involved here. Here comes the cyber security. It protects both the buyers and sellers who are using the internet as the place of transaction. It protects their information from getting into wrong hands (Gupta 2016). Estonia, one of the developed nations faced cyber attack in the year 2007, which shows the need for a cyber security plan for every state. The plans for cyber security have to be updated regularly, as the hackers also updating themselves. If the consumers and sellers are not comfortable in e-commerce, it would increase the cost of a transaction, hampering the efficiency level and the output of the country. Since this attack, state-wise policy recommendations were made to secure the transactions that are taking place online. Leaking of the security can lead to a fall in a country's GDP (Czosseck, Ottis and Talihrm 2013). With the help of cloud computing, computing as a personal commodity is replaced by computing as a public utility. The exclusiveness in nature is what makes the e-commerce special among all the marketplaces. The need for cyber security is not only from the side of the customers but also from the seller's side. A loss of security can halt the actions in e-commerce, which will result in deterioration in terms of the economy of scale, market's flexibility, convenience, and other. This has the potential to change the structure of a market (Rabai et al. 2013). A lack of cyber security results in the development of false credentials. It can create an unsecured market. This kind of market never survives in the long run. Without the needed trust, the market will break. Computer and network security are must, as these can cause false information generation, which leads the economy in the wrong way. This can create loopholes in the market. False bank websites, false bankers, false buyers are the example of a lack of the cyber security of a state. Credit card fraud, false shopping sites, false billing and payments are result of this (Sudia 2013). Using the elements of co-creation, the authorities can point out the "nudges" in cyber security. Identifying these nudges will guide to the development of the best behavioural discipline. Insecure behavior in the wireless networks is the reason the e-commerce is not moving as smoothly as it could be. This is the reason of market inefficiency. This also causes the society a cost, decreasing the social welfare. This is also another form of negative externality. It shrinks the possibility of the market expansion (Coventry et al. 2014). A holistic cyber security system has to be adopted by the government of a state. This will let the authorities protect the citizens as well as the country's fund for the people. The cyber security strategies are taken by the government will ensure a regular update and relief from any chaos in the economy. The government has to ensure the top quality of cyber security as only it can ensure market stability. Cyber security is more like a public good than a private good, hence the government has to take the initiatives (Atoum, Otoom and Abu 2014). Many international; relations depends on cyber security. These relationships were mostly in the area of the countries' economy. These days, human rights, security agendas are also incorporated currently. Cyber security capacity building is taken as a project, which will help the government maintain international relationships. Cyber security works as a stabilizer in the political and social development. Rich industrialized countries show the potential dimensions in technology and other areas. The cyber security organization should have a computer emergency response team, In the case of any unusual behaviour the response team will take over all the present and future transactions (Klimburg and Zylberberg 2015). The agents of an economy are widely benefited by e-commerce. The openness of the internet is benefitting for some with good intentions, and the market as well. But this openness has lead to misuse of personal information. Many countries have now policy measures to protect the economic agents operating in the market. The approach of cyber security varies from country to country. The developed nations have a tighter security system than the countries Nigeria and other backward countries which are yet to enact any such measurements (Adelola, Dawson and Batmaz 2015). The History of e-commerce is not that old. It is younger than most of the existing market structures. This keeps an open end to the possibilities in which the policy measurements have to be taken by the government of a country. Thus, ensuring cyber security is not an easy task. Failure of taking proper measurements will lead to many adverse effects on the economy. There are a lot of start ups, who bank on the e-commerce falls due to breach of internet security. It costs people their jobs, leading to unemployment. It is the state authoritys responsibility to provide them a proper guard from the criminals who otherwise have the potential to bankrupt the entrepreneurs (Bayuk et al. 2012). The significant growth in e-commerce is followed by an increase in the rate of cyber attacks. The attackers primary choice of weapon is malware. This situation urges the state authorities to innovate new techniques to stop the attackers. Without proper measures from the government the online transactions will break the chain, resulting in a devastating situation. The recently developed malwares can put an economy back to the initial stages, as most of the government and bank transactions are now done through online activities. Leakage of this information will hurt the countrys economy. The countries linked to the former country through trade and other medium will also face the negative effects of the massacre. Hence, cyber security is an essential concept in the case of e-commerce (Jang-Jaccard and Nepal 2014). Research Methodology To address the present research on cyber security and e-commerce a survey questionnaire would be developed (Flick 2015). The survey questionnaire would be mailed to IT and cyber security experts who have experience of e-business. The survey questionnaire would test how the threat of cyber security has increased over the years. The research question would focus on the methods of cyber crimes that can occur with e-business. The research also focuses on the steps being taken by e-business organisations to provide cyber security. The challenges being faced by the e-business organisation would also be identified. The relation between cyber security and e-commerce would be established. The research would also try to seek the tools being used by e-business organisations in providing cyber security. Gantt chart Week 1 Week 6 Week 10 Week 13 Week 14 Introduction Literature review Data collection Data analysis Conclusion Figure 1: Gantt chart of the research (Source: created by author) Research Process The present research is based on the fact that the e-commerce industry is dependent on cyber security. The B2B and B2C are dependent on the web and the security being provided by the web. The present research aims to find the various challenges faced by the business organisation doing e-business. The data would be collected from IT experts who have adequate experience of cyber security to e-business organisation. The analysis of the data would represent the challenges being faced by cyber security agencies in providing security to e-business organisations. The analysis of the data would also provide insight into how the cyber security threat perception has increased and how the e-business houses are gearing up to the challenge of cyber security. Data collection The process of sampling is one of the most important processes of a research. For the purpose of the present research quantitative research methods would be used (Floyd 2013). The sample size would consist of 200 IT and cyber security experts who have an adequate experience of providing security to e-commerce would be selected. The experts would be mailed a survey questionnaire. The present research focuses on cyber security in e-commerce thus only people having adequate knowledge and background of the subject can form the respondents to the present survey. Data analysis Microsoft excel would be used to analyse the data (Winston 2014). The data would be mapped for the security vulnerability of the e-commerce house. The mapping would provide an answer to the different types of methods in which the cyber security of a e-business organisation can be breached. This would provide for what the e-business organisations thinks about cyber crime. The data analysis would provide an answer into what the business organisation thinks is important in cyber crime. The data analysis would provide an answer into the most common methods by which a cyber crime is conducted and the profile of a cyber criminal. It would also provide an answer into the mind of a cyber criminal. Whether the cyber criminal is a single entity or multiple persons working together. The analysis of the data would provide an answer to the various tools that are being used by e-commerce industry. This would also provide an answer to the efficiency of the tools used for cyber security. The analysi s of the survey would provide an answer to the reasons behind cyber security breach. Finally the analysis would provide an insight into whether cyber breach takes place on any particular days or it can happen on any given day throughout the year. Expected Research Outcome The present research would show how the threat perception to e-business has increased from 1990 when internet and thus e-commerce was born. It would also show the vulnerabilities to e-business. Cyber security poses of the greatest dangers to e-business. The dangers are not just to the business organisations but also to the customers of the e-business organisations. The outcome of the research would show how business organisations are coping with threat of cyber security. The present research would also show how e-business organisations have increased the cyber security of their websites and thus have been able to provide a sense of CSR to the customer. The present research would provide an insight into the financial implication of cyber security on e-business. It would provide a peak into the various tools being used by business houses to enable cyber security. The research would also provide information into how business houses conduct e-business. Conclusion The present research would show that with the growth of e-commerce the threat perception has also grown. It would show the threats being faced by the e-commerce industry. It would also show how e-business organisation have understood the requirements of providing cyber security in the changed domain and have upped the level of security. The present research would show how cyber security and e-commerce have had a symbiotic relationship. The present research would also show the probable impact of cyber insecurity to e-commerce. The present would provide an idea into the steps that have been taken by the e-commerce industry to secure themselves. References Adelola, T., Dawson, R. and Batmaz, F., 2015. Privacy and data protection in e-commerce in developing nations: evaluation of different data protection approaches. Atoum, I., Otoom, A. and Abu Ali, A., 2014. A holistic cyber security implementation framework. Information Management Computer Security, 22(3), pp.251-264. Bayuk, J.L., Healey, J., Rohmeyer, P., Sachs, M.H., Schmidt, J. and Weiss, J., 2012. Cyber security policy guidebook. John Wiley Sons. Coventry, L., Briggs, P., Jeske, D. and van Moorsel, A., 2014, June. Scene: A structured means for creating and evaluating behavioral nudges in a cyber security environment. In International Conference of Design, User Experience, and Usability (pp. 229-239). Springer International Publishing. Czosseck, C., Ottis, R. and Talihrm, A.M., 2013. Estonia after the 2007 cyber attacks: Legal, strategic and organisational changes in cyber security. Case Studies in Information Warfare and Security: For Researchers, Teachers and Students, 72. Flick, U. (2015). Introducing Research Methodology: A Beginner's Guide to Doing a Research Project. 2nd Ed. Sage Publication Fowler Jr, Floyd J. (2013). Survey research methods: 5th Ed. Sage publications. Gupta, B. ed., 2016. Handbook of Research on Modern Cryptographic Solutions for Computer and Cyber Security. IGI Global. Jang-Jaccard, J. and Nepal, S., 2014. A survey of emerging threats in cybersecurity. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 80(5), pp.973-993. Klimburg, A. and Zylberberg, H., 2015. Cyber Security Capacity Building: Developing Access. Rabai, L.B.A., Jouini, M., Aissa, A.B. and Mili, A., 2013. A cybersecurity model in cloud computing environments. Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences, 25(1), pp.63-75. Rhodes-Ousley, M. (2013). Information security. Emeryville, 2nd Ed Calif.: McGraw-Hill/Osborne. Sudia, F.W., 2013. False Banking, Credit Card, and Ecommerce System. U.S. Patent Application 13/747,368. Symantec.com. (2016). Internet Security Threat Report 2016 | Symantec. [online] Available at: https://www.symantec.com/security-center/threat-report [Accessed 6 Oct. 2016]. Whitman, M.E. and Mattord, H.J. (2011). Principles of information security. 4th Ed. Cengage Learning Winston, W. (2014). Microsoft Excel 2013 Data Analysis and Business Modeling: Data Analysis and Business Modeling. Pearson Education.

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Research Paper Topics in Astronomy

Research Paper Topics in AstronomyFinding papers with research paper topics in astronomy can be a bit tricky. It's not as easy as browsing through the American Astronomical Society database, since that is for all types of astronomers. You'll find there are topics on astro-physics, but not much else. Fortunately, you can find these papers online.But how do you find the papers that are out there? And how do you know what you are looking for? I've prepared a short list of some of the best sources, for your reference.I recommend the ASN website for anyone who wants to see how to look for research paper topics in astronomy. It's a membership site that has free access to all the astronomy journals. You'll find links to the papers on their site and also may find tips on preparing an introduction for the paper, writing the paper itself, and writing the summary or conclusion.The next place to look is your local library. Most libraries have a section for anything related to astronomy, so you'l l have a lot to choose from.The next place to look is the Internet. The AAS, American Geophysical Union, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Astronomical Society of Europe, Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Gravitational Lensing, Assembling the Universe, Arecibo Conference, Astrophysics, Astrophysics Today, Astronomy Picture of the Day, Astroimaging, Astronomy Photographers Association, Astrological Research and Observations, Astronomy-Online, and Astronomy-Online.org are all web sites dedicated to the needs of astronomers. There are also many local astronomy clubs and associations, so you can get research paper topics in astronomy directly from them.If you want to get as much information as possible, your best bet is to check out the libraries and the Internet first, then the libraries and astronomy clubs and associations. It's always nice to check out your options first, and know where to turn next. Your local library will probably have a lot of astronomy books for you to browse thr ough, but it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything that is available.As for research paper topics in astronomy, there are plenty of resources available. If you're looking for a specific type of paper, you'll be able to get what you need right here. So, start searching for papers today!I hope this article has been informative to you when it comes to finding research paper topics in astronomy. There are plenty of ways to learn about the topics for any type of paper you want to write, and even have it published.

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Writing an Essay in an Hour - Tips For Using Simple Techniques to Finish Your Essay

Writing an Essay in an Hour - Tips For Using Simple Techniques to Finish Your EssayThe idea of writing an essay in an hour can seem impossible. But there are many great tips that you can follow that will help you get through this task easily.First of all, you need to start your exercise at the beginning. Most students end up spending hours writing essays and they are usually much better at it than they would have been if they had started at the beginning. Focus on completing the first three paragraphs and then move onto the rest of the essay. By following this advice, you will not only finish it quicker but also have a much better understanding of what it is that you are actually doing.Students often find themselves putting off doing the writing in order to spend more time with their friends or family in their spare time. This leads to many students doing things like watching television or surfing the internet while writing their essay. You need to remember that this is the main reas on why you are doing the writing in the first place.Do not make it easy for yourself by beginning with the easy part of the essay. You should have an outline already in place so that you know exactly what you want to say before you start writing. Many people tend to skip ahead and completely forget about the essay. A good tip to follow is to break the essay down into sections before you begin so that you know exactly what is going on at each point in the essay.Another thing that can help with the writing of the essay is to write out a list of points about the subject of the essay. These points should be written in the same order as they appear in the essay. Once you have a rough draft of the essay, you should go back and edit your points to make sure that they make sense together.A good tip is to make a list of what the points are going to be and what they are going to be about. Then start working on one paragraph at a time. Do not worry if this seems a little intimidating because y ou can always use a word processor or an online editor to do this. However, if you are using your laptop, you may want to write the text out on paper so that you do not accidentally delete something.If you are going to use the word processor or an online editor, you may want to take a short break to work on the other sections while you are editing the point list. After the editing is done, you can move onto the next paragraph. If you find that you are getting frustrated with the process, you can print the finished piece of writing and take it to your professor or teacher to get some feedback.Writing an essay in an hour can be done by anyone who has the time and the patience to do it. You just need to practice some basic tips and do the whole thing as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you never procrastinate while trying to complete the assignment.

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The Appeal and Value of Fantasy Stories and Films Essay Example

The Appeal and Value of Fantasy Stories and Films Essay Man, as a species, is creative and has been throughout the ages. They put their creativity to use in the making of fantasy stories and films, many of which have made both positive and negative impacts on society today. The question is: are fantasy stories and films merely an escape from reality? Or do they offer us something more? I am of the view that fantasy stories and films are appealing and do have value in today’s society. The interesting storylines, their role in bringing hope and positivity to the world and their economic value all play a part in the appeal and value of fantasy stories and films. Fantasy stories and films have managed to pique the interest of children worldwide due to the colourful graphics and often amusing and unique storylines. Though the stories conveyed are often fictional, they often carry certain morals and values which are rubbed off on the children who read and watch these fantasy stories and films. For instance, in ‘Pokemon’, where the protagonist travels around the world to train and become the best at his craft, teaches the audience the importance of resilience and perseverance as they see their favourite characters marching on even after they have faced certain setbacks. Shows like ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘He-Man’ also depict not just human characters but animals as well and there is often a symbiotic relationship between the human protagonist and his trustworthy feline sidekick. This is also found in the Disney film ‘Bee Movie’, where human and animal work together to achieve a common goal. Child ren, who are the largest demographic to read and watch these stories and animated films, are at the age where they are most impressionable, and even subconsciously, the good-natured spirit of these films are passed down to them and they carry these value imparted for the rest of their lives. Even teenagers or adults, after reading or watching these stories and films, are reminded of the imp We will write a custom essay sample on The Appeal and Value of Fantasy Stories and Films specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Appeal and Value of Fantasy Stories and Films specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Appeal and Value of Fantasy Stories and Films specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer