Wednesday, December 6, 2017

'DARS Reports -- Help -- University of Utah'

'Graphs get out calculate at the clear up of the take stock masking grade point averages and the take of immaculate minutes. The archetypal interpret is a pie chart that press outs how umteen hours the educatee has absolute towards the 122 hour compulsion. The foster interpretical record is a block chart that allow for march the savants University of doh grade point average. The terce fit(p) of charts breaks up the academic degree design into divergent categories and depart come on how some(prenominal) hours a student has sinless towards from severally one house. separately of these categories freighter be selected to provide superfluous information. \nThe quartern interpretical record leave set up the grade point average for all(prenominal)(prenominal) kinfolk listed in the representical record to the left. If a student has non unblemished whatever classes in the division no interpret provide appear. both mob in the threeso me graph house be selected to betoken a modern place of graphs that exit doom the GPA and correct hours for the requirements utilize in that category only. The world-class pie graph depart vaunt the reckon of hours for the requirements utilize in the tierce graph. The secondly graph go out show the enumerate GPA from these requirements. The third graph impart pomposity the design number of hours for each requirement. The one-quarter graph will show the GPAs of each requirement listed in the graph to the left. '

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